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Types Of Residential Roofing Which People Should Know About

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Deciding on the right type of residential roof can be tricky, so it requires a lot of thought and proper information. First, you should be properly aware of the type of roof available in the market and how well they go in a particular climate or weather condition. Your roof contractor will give you all the information and help you in coming to the right decision. 

What are the different types of residential roofing people can choose from?

Choosing the right type of residential roofing isn’t an easy task. A person should be very careful while choosing it and get the proper information from their roofing contractor. There are various types of residential roofing’s such as:

  • Asphalt Shingles

They have many features that make them the most popular type of residential roof. They are durable and inexpensive. Not only this, this type of roof is very inexpensive too. They are easy to install and can last for up to 20-30 even in extreme weather conditions- too hot or too cold. It can also come with an additional copper granule layer to prevent algae growth that can damage the roof.

  • Ceramic roofing

Ceramic roofing looks very elegant in a house and will increase its aesthetic value. This type of roof is very durable, and also, it is resistant to fading, so its color will remain more or less the same throughout its life. In addition to that, this roof is made of fire-resistant tiles and will not burn down easily in case of any fire misshapen. This type of residential roof can last up to 50-70 years if properly taken care of.

  • Slate roof shingles

They look very sophisticated and give a very classy appearance. These types of roofs are fire-resistant and give a very natural look to the house. It is resistant to rots and has a life expectancy of about 100 years. A person does not have to give it a lot of attention as it is low maintenance. This roofing also comes in many patterns, styles, and colors.

  • Metal roofing

One of the strongest types of residential roofs is metal roofs. This type of roof is very low maintenance and environmentally friendly. Also, metals used for this roof are very lightweight, making a perfect choice for areas with a fairly stable weather conditions. A roofing contractor should overlook its installation as it requires intricate supervised work.

  • Wood and cedar shingles

This residential roof type can be used in any weather conditions, but it is especially useful in hot places because it reflects harmful Ultraviolet radiation. However, they are very weather friendly, and if the right type of wood is taken to construct them, then plants can even be grown on them. They can survive easily for around 30-40 years.


Wrapping it up, you should choose your residential roof carefully after getting full information. Next, you should talk to a roofing contractor and then finalize the type of residential roof suiting your needs and budget. So, which type of roof care are you planning to get for your house? 

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