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How have sunglasses changed in the last five decades?

by Rosy

Sunglasses have now become one of the prominent fashion statements for people irrespective of age and gender. The first sunglass was invented in the 12th century, however, it became trendy in the late 1920s. Since then sunglasses for both men and women have diversified in terms of style and shape. If you have a fascination for dark specs, knowledge of its changing trends would surely interest you. 

Well, go through the article to know about the sunglass trends of the last five decades. You can order a unique pair anytime and wear it with compatible clothes.


In the 1970s, John Lennon, the lead singer and guitarist of the English rock band Beatles, made a particular sunglass frame quite trendy. This iconic frame was round, and it had a black rim. The youth were mainly after this frame. 

Female sunglasses were still giant and used to have coloured glasses. They were mainly square or rectangular. However, in the later 1970s, women shifted to smaller frames that are circular. Likewise, square-framed sunglasses dominated among men. 


The Wayfarer style frame dominated the 1980 sunglass market.  Both men and women used to wear it as it was entirely compatible with their outfits. The Vuarnet, Carrera, and Niton frames were also trendy among men during the 1980s. As per the colours, black, brown, and grey glasses were most common in sunglasses. 

Women’s sunglasses of the 1980s came in different shapes and mainly had a vintage outlook. Oversized sunglasses were still trendy during this time among a few groups of women. 


The market for sunglasses saw a dramatic change in the 1990s as thinner frames became trendy during this time. The thin oval frame sunglasses were both acclaimed by men and women. Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow made the oval frame more famous. 

In the 1990s, a lot of shades were introduced by sunglasses manufacturers. The typical oval framed tiny sunglasses with crimson, yellow, and black turned up to be the market hit.  


The early 2000s were the years when young males around the world were busy picking up biker sunglasses. In turn, the giant framed ones were still quite famous among the females. However, towards the end of the decade, top-notch manufacturers came up with the vintage square and round-framed sunglasses that fit both men and women. 


The sunglass market in the last decade was like a mixed bag with square framed coloured glasses dominating it. Women of all ages grew an interest in the giant frames as well as biker’s sunglasses. All top-ranking sunglass makers bought back the frames like Wayfarer, Vuarnet, and Cannera in the market. 

Final Words

The current market of sunglasses is majorly the same as it was in the last decade. However, more people are gaining interest in taking the photochromic glass, which can provide the convenience of comfortable vision in case of an anomaly and complete protection to the eyes from scorching sunlight. 


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