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Best things to do in Santa Monica & Venice Beach in a weekend

by Rosy

You’ve most likely seen photographs the fun Ferris wheel on the dock and figured I could hardly wait to visit Santa Monica in California! Or then again recordings of muscle seashore and palm tree-lined walkways in Venice seashore and contemplated whether you could see both seashore towns on the very end of the week. Indeed, you’re in karma because these are the best activities in Santa Monica and Venice seashore longer than a lot of the week or even better a 3-day end of the week.

Both Santa Monica and Venice Beach are west of downtown Los Angeles and only north of Los Angeles International Airport. On the off chance that you are driving from Northern California or San Diego County, they are effectively open using the 5 and 405. If you are from out of state, you are only a bounce, skip, and a hop from LAX.

Since we drove, we had a vehicle available to us, yet one isn’t carefully vital. Every town can be investigated all alone by foot, and you can venture to every part of the 4 miles between the two by leasing bicycles (see beneath), strolling, or utilizing a taxi/Uber/Lyft. (Or then again if you are a Zipcar part, there are various areas in the zone to get a vehicle.)

These two quintessential SoCal seaside towns offer such countless fun activities that it very well may be hard to choose what you ought to invest your energy and cash on. Which is the reason these are simply the best activities in Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

We had the option to fit these exercises into three days. We remained at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Venice Beach, and we just utilized the vehicle to head to supper around evening time. We generally investigated by foot or bicycle.

These are our excursion features, what we saw and experienced, and where we invested our energy. I trust this rundown encourages you to make your schedule for when you visit these Southern California towns! We should get to the best activities in Santa Monica and Venice Beach!

Goodness, if you are additionally getting together for this outing and need some adorable seashore outfit thoughts, see 21 Cute Beach Outfits for Your Summer Outfit Inspiration!


St Nick Monica has that relaxed vibe and opulent feel. Its blend of excellent quality and California casual style has numerous voyagers from around California and the world calling this city one of their #1 ocean side spots in California.


This is the first Muscle Beach, started in 1933 by gymnasts and trapeze artists to have a spot to prepare. Before long, competitors of different sorts were advancing toward the oceanside setting and, during the 1950s, a weighted pen was added and turned into a safe house for muscle heads and wellness buffs. Famous legend holds Muscle Beach as the “origin of the wellness blast.”

Today, there is a weighted pen; various grown-up measured gym equipment (rings, equal bars, balance radiates, climbing device, and so on), and a green zone. You can even test your grit on a rope climb or sharpen your swinging abilities. We had a great time simply hanging out, drinking a smoothie and observing all the exercises (with a touch of jealousy and wonder). This is undoubtedly on the highest point of activities in Santa Monica, regardless of whether you’re simply an onlooker.


Implicit 1909, the dock was initially a promenade and well-known fishing spot for local people. An entertainment mecca was included in 1916 and gone on until the Great Depression. It was restored on a limited scale during the 1940s yet never turned into the objective it used to be. In 1983 a full-scale redesign was started requiring right around ten years to finish, yielding what we have today: jubilee rides, games, food, and a pleasant spot to accumulate.

While you can go to Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier any season of the day, the evening is an exceptional time. The recreation centre, lit in neon and brilliant lights, takes after something out of Willy Wonka. All the rides, fair games, and food merchants are on radiant presentation, and it’s a genuine dining experience for the eyes. The feature for us was riding the Pacific Ferris Wheel, which managed the cost of us a night perspective on both Santa Monica and Venice Beach. This is unquestionably a spot to carry kids in case you’re going with family. Peter and I brought my younger sibling here, and she cherished it. It’s perhaps the best activity in Santa Monica for youngsters.

Night Visit to Santa Monica Pier Pacific Park

TRAVEL TIP: If you are here throughout the late spring on a Thursday night, you can appreciate one of their free sundown shows (7-10 pm).


What’s a get-away without a touch of shopping, correct? I found the ideal setting in Santa Monica to be the Third Street Promenade. This upscale shopping and feasting region is a long ways from the knickknacks and singed food you’ll discover along the seashore or at the pier.

You can meander down the passerby shopping centre and discover top of the line products from Armani, dress retailers, for example, Abercrombie and Fitch, Anthropologie, Fred Segal, and J. Team, just as little shops, book shops, gem specialists, and home products. You can get a spa treatment, venture into a nail salon for a quick mani or Pedi, or exploit one of the numerous beauty parlours. Goodness… and there is a Tesla business! On the off chance that you can’t discover it at the Third Street Promenade, they presumably don’t make it. You won’t find a lack of activities here!

You likewise have the chance to take in a film at one of three theatres, get a show at night, or watch an engaging road entertainer. This is additionally where the Saturday Organic Farmer’s Market is held.

TRAVEL TIP: In Santa Monica, utilize one of the midtown stopping structures for overly reasonable rates. We paid $0 on our first visit and just $1 on our second!


California, the place that is known for milk and nectar and plentiful produce. There could be no more excellent spot to observe this West Coast state’s abundance than at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. You can browse the Saturday downtown area (including principally honest admission) or Sunday’s Main Street/Heritage Square area. Both offer everything from soup to nuts… in a real sense.

You have produce, meat/poultry/fish/fish, blossoms, and prepared merchandise, just as food sellers offer a ton of breakfast and lunch options. You can discover Asian greens and Mexican prickly plant, heavenly cinnamon rolls or French macarons, spices and flavours, just as new eggs. Likewise, the Sunday market has music, expressions and artworks, and exercises for youngsters, for example, face painting and horse rides.

We went to the Sunday Farmers Market in Santa Monica and adored it. We were astonished by the number of breakfast alternatives they had.

Santa Clause Monica Farmers Market – Best activities in Santa Monica


Last, however not least, remember to plunge your toes in the Pacific Ocean! The blistering sun and hotter temperatures throughout the late spring make a brisk walk around the sea’s edge a charming encounter. The actual water is quite chilly, so full drenching is just for the daring (even the heartiest surfers wear wetsuits all year).


Situated inside Shutters on the Beach (inn), One Pico is the ideal spot for informal breakfast. This upscale café gives a seashore perspective on Santa Monica that you can appreciate while having a lovely mimosa or gin bubble and feasting from their occasional market menu. I adored their lemon ricotta hotcakes, and their Eggs Benedict was done flawlessly. Wait some time and appreciate the view!

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