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Are Contact Lenses Better Than Glasses?

by Rosy

The discovery of eyeglasses have helped people correct their vision. However, there are a lot of problems concerning this eye accessory. Glasses are prone to damage in the day to day life. During a sudden jerk, it might fall off or might break when kept a little carelessly. Glasses have weight and put pressure on the nose and ears. Often, this feels uncomfortable. Hence, you can use contact lenses replacing the glasses. 

What is the Best Alternative to Glasses?

For people who are into sports and other physical activities, eyeglasses are not at all an option. Moreover, wearing glasses makes people immensely conscious of how they look. Many do not like how they appear and wish not to compromise with their makeup. Therefore, contact lenses are the best and the most user-friendly option.

Why are Contact Lenses Better?

  • Field of Vision

Contact lenses sit on the curvature perfectly and focus excellently. The field of vision is wider than that of glasses. There is no reason to worry about scratches or falling off the lenses. Furthermore, the lenses do not get blurry, foggy, or steam up during an abrupt change in weather conditions. In spectacles, there might be a possibility of the glasses coming out of the frame. But there is no such kind of problem in handling a contact lens.

Contact lenses are made with the maximum amount of precision and customized according to the size that an individual requires. Multifocal contact lenses correct blurry vision that occurs due to presbyopia. There are toric lenses used for astigmatic patients. It does not cause any problem even if the person has a refractive error in his eye. Some people feel that sensitive eyes might have trouble using these lenses. But the specialized one-day lenses do not dry eyes.

  • Variety

There is a whole colour palate of contact lenses. You can experiment with all of them. Thus contact lenses also form a part of your daily fashion. You can buy a set of different colored lenses to match your different outfits.

  • Activity Friendly

Eyeglasses are difficult to handle for people who have an active lifestyle. Jogging, running, gymming, or yoga require continuous movement. One has to do different postures and head movements. There are high chances for the glasses to fall off, get twisted, damaged during such exercises of the body. But contact lenses keep you risk-free from such happenings. There’s zero chance for the lens to fall out of the eye socket. The lens is of rubber or fiber that does not break easily.

You can also wear contact lenses with other safety gears like helmets or caps. They cause no obstruction. Goggles cannot have power either which reduces the visibility of the eye while driving. In such cases, contact lenses become very useful as they cause no hindrance.

  • New Technology

There are specialized lenses that can reshape the cornea of the eye. These lenses need to be worn at night while sleeping. The cornea gets adjusted according to the lens and the next morning one can experience clear vision without any glasses or lens.


Contact lenses are much better than glasses. They are portable and easy to carry. Caring for your lenses is quite easy if you do it regularly. The contacts need to be kept clean and disinfected with the solution provided. Care should be taken so that dust particles don’t fall on it. Usually, the eye doctor prescribes how you should handle your contact lenses. These rules should be followed carefully. Contact lenses are usually more expensive than glasses but if handled carefully they are handier.

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