First regional symposium on scaling social businesses

ICS – a Dutch non-profit organisation, and Ka Tutandike Uganda – a child-focused community based organisation, in partnership with Ashoka East Africa, INSEAD, Kulika Uganda, Royal African Society & British Council Uganda will host a regional symposium on scaling social business in East Africa. A social business differentiates from a ‘regular’ business by aiming for social impact as much as financial profit. This event in Uganda gives insight into and potential solutions for the financial and organisational challenges that many entrepreneurs in East Africa are facing today.

The programme focusses on entrepreneurs with interest in social businesses, impact investors and representatives of multinationals, government, financial institutions and non-governmental organisations. It serves as a platform to share best practices as well as common bottlenecks and challenges. A lineup of thought-provoking and interactive sessions including debates, panel discussions and workshops will create an important forum at which entrepreneurs and investors can arrive at better ways of cooperation and foster greater understanding to achieve common goals and objectives.

Download the Symposium Paper “Supporting social enterprises from pre-start-up to scalabilty: Challenging the status quo